Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sully's Rebuttal

Sully’s Purdue Rebuttal to the 20 Reasons IU Absolutely Sucks

I've seen Purdue fans posting this listing over the past couple of days.  It has forced me to come out of blogger retirement to provide my rebuttal, to their rebuttal.  Enjoy! Go Hoosiers!!

1. The limestone makes IU’s campus look like an insane asylum.
Sully: Indiana was listed as one of Travel and Leisure’s Most Beautiful Campuses in 2014. Strangely, Purdue was not.

2. Everyone can agree that crimson is the worst shade of red and no one wants to wear a cream colored shirt that looks like you got showered in semen.
S: Leave it to a Purdue fan to bring up semen.
3. Purdue has more players in the NFL that made the playoffs than IU has in the entire league.
S: This is a college debate, right? Well then … We have the #OldOakenBucket.

4. The inventor of chicken nuggets did his research at Purdue.  You’re welcome.
S: The inventor of cutting a chicken into little pieces? Impressive. Really put that engineering degree to good use.

5. The majority of IU’s fanbase went to Ball State or a community college.
S: No one else cares about Purdue. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

6. Everyone is tired of the “IUBB” hashtag. No, IU you will not be getting another banner, give it up.
S: You’re tired of us wanting to get another banner, IU fans are tired of Purdue fans wanting to be relevant.

7. You have no mascot to represent your school. Claiming the “Hoosier” doesn’t make sense considering Purdue also represents Indiana.
S: Most people outside of Indiana probably don’t even realize Purdue is in Indiana.         

8. IU isn’t considered the Ivy league of the Midwest like we are.
S: Hahahahahahahahaha. That is all.

9. Purdue has been ranked as one of the most difficult schools to receive an A, and yes, most graduate with over a 3.0 GPA.
S: How hard is it to get an ‘A’ or a 3.0 when you have to perform research in order to figure out you can cut a chicken in to little pieces?

10. We don’t have a dorm known as McSlut.
S: Purdue wishes they had a dorm known as McSlut.

11. IU’s breakfast clubs are not even comparable to Purdue’s.
S: We tailgated so hard for so many years they finally enforced restrictions which forced us to settle for breakfast clubs.

12. They don’t have Cactus Thursdays, and who doesn’t love Cactus Thursdays? (Neon Cactus was ranked as being one of the 31 Best College Bars in America by Business Insider)
S: Kilroy’s is on that list too, soooooo. Yeah, there’s that.

13. We’re not one of the top party schools, you are correct. We are actually proud of this. We were, however, just ranked as a top 20 public school in the nation. IU was not. We think this is more relevant to potential employers than our party school ranking..
S: Written by someone who never got invited to a college party. Also somewhat contradicts item #12 which brags about the “bar scene.”
14. Purdue is home to 22 Big Ten championships and 28 All-Americans.
S: For your entire athletic department? Pathetic (the lack of detail in your rebuttal is just another example of a #BoilerFail)

15. Purdue fans are known as the most loyal, whether we suck or not.
S: Purdue always sucks, so there is no “whether” about it.

16. Purdue graduate, Neil Armstrong, had the first steps on the moon.  Gene Cernan was the last man to walk on the moon (also a Purdue grad).
S: It’s a step up from bragging about researching chicken nuggets, I’ll give you that.

17. IU classes go later than 6:30 pm and no one has time for that.
S: What else happens at Purdue besides classes? Please enlighten your “potential employers” referenced in item #13.

18. Our food courts win 10 times out of 10. We don’t gain the “freshman 15″ thanks to our new $100 million dollar, 450,000 square feet rec sports facility.
S: Yeah, but does your food court have Potato Ole’s?

19. How can we be your “little brother” when we are 78-32 against you in football and 113-88 against you in basketball?
S: For a school that wants IU fans to stop living in the past isn’t it ironic that you’re providing ‘historical’ data.

20. This.

Beat Purdue!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

L-EARN-ing Their Stripes

Six months ago Ms. Kathryn Sullivan had an idea.  A vision to get her third grade students excited about the possibility of attending college.  Three months ago a project ensued. The result? A video that spoofed "This is Indiana" as seen below:


See post related to when the video was released here.
Fast forward to today, the video has amassed over 40,000 views (after going viral in the days leading up to an IU basketball game against then #1 Michigan).  It has been recognized on Twitter by big time Hoosier accounts.  Like that of Mark Cuban, IU Bloomington, Inside the Hall and Chronic Hoosier just to name a few.

And just like the original Fox & Weber video inspired these kids, these kids inspired a nation... Hoosier Nation.  Without solicitation, Hoosiers from all over wanted to personally make sure they made it to Bloomington.  From out of state dontaions from as far south as Florida, to being featured on an Indiana University statewide faculty newsletter (click
here), to even the Assistant Coach of the 2012 National Champion Hoosier Men's Soccer team, Coach Ernie Yarborough, offering to give the students a tour of the athletics facilities; one thing was clear:  Hoosier Nation embraced the students as their own.

All of the support didn't go by the wayside.  As a result, a vision was realized as evidenced by the below photos taken on campus earlier today:

In front of the Sample Gates sporting IU sunglasses provided by University President Michael McRobbie
Having fun with Herman B. Wells
Some students ran into Hoosier basketball player Raphael Smith
Senior Hoosier basketball player Jordan Hulls taking a group photo with the students
Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass speaking to the students
Hanging out at Coach Hep's Rock within Memorial Stadium
Group photo with Hoosier Legend Calbert Cheaney
On behalf of Ms. Sullivan and her third grade class from Cold Spring Environmental Magnet School in Indianapolis, THANK YOU!!

NOTE:  Photos are being provided by both Ms. Sullivan, as well, as directly from IPS Schools. Further updates on the student's trip, including additional photos, can be found on this post or you can follow @IPSSchools on Twitter.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

In Hindsight: Michigan Wolverines

Wait, is there a game on tonight?

On a night that featured the highest ranking teams to ever square off in Assembly Hall, this Indiana team did something no other Hoosier team has done: beat the number one team in back-to-back seasons.  It was only fitting that a game of this magnitude was primetime the Saturday before the Super Bowl. 

I found myself watching the game at a local beverage distributor with some friends, of which, one was a diehard Michigan fan.  Throughout the game there were certainly some questionable calls that maybe an unbiased fan would say went the Hoosiers way.  Naturally, talks of the "Hall of Calls" and "homer-isms" were directed at the TV by the Wolverine fan and other objective viewers.  This talk would have normally bothered me in the past, but I gained some knowledge from Dan Dakich this past week from his radio show and I want to share it with the rest of you.  I am going to paraphrase what he said and I promise I won't be able to put it as elegantly as he put it:

I don't think people realize when they refer to Assembly Hall as the 'Hall of Calls' I take it as a compliment.  It speaks to tradition.  Does Mackey Arena get those calls? No.  You have individuals that get paid $15,000 to be objective that do not always make the right call.  It's tradition.

After thinking back to Dakich's wisdom, for the first time I embraced the pseudo trash talk. The result? It absolutely increased my enjoyment of the game watching experience, much to the chagrin of the Wolverine fan.  With that small tangent out of the way, let's jump into three things we learned from last night's game:

1.  The real winner last night was Hoosier Nation.  I could only guess that the attendance for College GameDay was one of the largest the show has seen.  The door's opened at 8 AM and when the show started at 10 AM the entire West side of Assembly Hall was completely full.  Hoosier Nation and the tradition of Indiana University basketball were on full display for the world to see.  And let's just say you prefer to watch golf over basketball for whatever reason, you still knew there was a game.

IU alumnus Jeff Overton received permission from the PGA tour to wear the candy stripe warm-ups for one hole during the third round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open yesterday afternoon.
The energy that was showcased during the two hour show on ESPN carried over to tip off.  Local, regional, national media members alike were impressed with the environment.  Mike Pegram, founder of stated it was the loudest first five minutes of a game he's ever attended.  Assistant Athletic Director Jeremy Gray confirmed that last night set a new decibel record at 116.  Post game, Jay Bilas noted that "College GameDay at Indiana was one of our best ever.  Assembly Hall is a special place, and the people of Bloomington were tremendous!"
Side Note:  I think what makes events like this special at Indiana is the tradition.  My father graduated from Indiana in 1982.   He still gets goose bumps when he attends games because it has remained unchanged. 
For those who haven't seen it, the above is a picture of Indiana's alternate jersey's provided by Adidas.  Personally, I am not a fan.  I feel like Indiana is unique because they don't give in to fads such as this.  All that I ask is that if the Hoosiers do sport these jerseys at some point, please do not let it be in Assembly Hall and they better not have a name on the back.
2.  Victor Oladipo is NBA bound... after this year.  If there was any remaining doubt about whether Oladipo was leaving at season's end, he answered it this week.  In a week that featured two nationally televised games against ranked conference foes, as well as, a heated rivalry game his stat line reads:  17.6 PPG on 58% shooting, 38% from deep, 5.0 RPG, 3.6 SPG, 1.7 APG and 1.3 BPG.  He is the best defender in the Big Ten and arguably the entire country.  He doesn't play five positions, but he can guard all five effectively.  And with the addition of a jump shot that other teams have to respect, he has the most complete offensive skill set on the nations top-rated offense.  With that being said, let the unfortunate countdown begin.  Assembly Hall has four games left to enjoy "Zell-adipo" (they deserve a nickname that rivals Hollywood couples).
3.  Trey Burke will be the National POY.  There was a ridiculous stat thrown out there after the game last night.  In forty-five possessions, guarding four different people, Oladipo only gave up four points.  They were to Trey Burke.  I treat that like shooting Chuck Norris the wrong look twice and getting away with it.  His actual stat-line from last night's game was 25 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals.  The crazy thing is, the numbers alone do not do any justice to how impressive he was.  He made step-back fade-aways look easy, did cross-overs that made my ankles hurt and it didn't even look like he was trying.  He is better than advertised and all you need to know is that the only person in Big Ten history to average 17.0+ PPG and 7.0+ APG over the course of an entire season is Magic Johnson.  Burke is currently averaging 18.2 PPG and 7.2 APG.